Saturday, 28 August 2010

A poem about a hangover

I woke up last night in a little bit of pain
there was something in my eye that was driving me insane
I got up to have a look but alas I couldn't see
So I went back to my bed and then quickly fell asleep
I woke up again this morning with a very painful head
I should have gone down to the gym and not the pub instead
I should not have had the fourth and definitely not the fifth
The Sambuca was just silly, and my god was there a sixth
Well it couldn't have been that bad as at least I caught the train
and a bloody taxi doing speeds that are insane
I hope I didn't make a noise as lock evaded key
and as I ran straight up the stairs, busting for a wee
I found one sock still on my foot, the other on the floor
I felt like I was just alive, I felt a dirty whore!
I needed sleep, I needed food, I needed a new head
but the headache wouldn't let me sleep when I went back to bed

Eventually I got back up and went down to the shop
I needed something chocolaty and some fizzy pop
The chocolate and the fizzy pop worked so very well
And now, apart from tiredness, I am feeling swell!

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