Sunday, 15 August 2010

Are chicken nuggets really that good?

Just a short post this one, but it really did make me chuckle!

Some of you may have seen the news report the other day of one Melodi Dushane of Toledo, Ohio, who has been sent to jail after a case of food rage.

The story goes that, finding herself rather hungry early one morning, she went to her local drive through fast food restaurant, and ordered some chicken nuggets. Told that the restaurant was not serving chicken nuggets at that time as it was too early, and they were still serving breakfast, she decided her best course of action was to assult the counter staff.

She got out of her car, and apparently punched the attendant in the face before smashing the kiosk window.

Now, I admit that I haven't had chicken nuggets in quite some time, but I have to be honest and say that I never really liked them. Maybe the recipe has changed!

So, I ask, are chicken nuggets really THAT good?

Click here for the video :0)


  1. All I can say is Ohio must do some mighty fine nuggets!
    The ones I have tasted don't even taste like chicken (yuck!)

  2. LOL, after seeing THAT episode of Jamie's School Dinners I would be surprised if chicken nuggets actually contained any chicken!!!

  3. I know! Think I'll stick with a nice fresh piece of steak!!

  4. hmm, drive through steak house!!

    ((but, imagine the queue behind the person who wants it well done!!))


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