Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Quick Hallowe'en Poem

When I was a boy
I strongly believed
That the witches came out
On All Hallows Eve
And they kidnapped the kids
and tormented the old
and their black cats would wander
the streets, scare the old
The witches on broomsticks
The ghosts in the trees
The black cats would bite
and would scratch and spread flees
and terror befell
those who did not believe
that the witches came out on all hallows eve
but now I am older
I know more of what should
and should not be believed
of what lives in the wood
I know witches can't fly
on a stick made of broom
I know zombies and vampires
will stay in their tombs
But there is one thing that still
with horror you might meet
A spotty young kid that will yell
"Trick or Treat"